Carmen Espejo Cala (English)


Carmen Espejo is a lecturer at University of Seville, where she teaches the subjects of History of Communication and History of Journalism. She has a PhD in Philology since 1991. Since 2016, she is Coordinator of the PhD Program in Communication (Universities of Cadiz, Huelva, Malaga and Seville); she has also been coordinator of the Master degree in Communication and Culture and director of I/C. Revista Científica de Información y Comunicación journal.
As a researcher, she is devoted to the the history of journalism in the Modern Age. She is editor, along with Roger Chartier, of the volume La aparición del periodismo en Europa (Marcial Pons, 2012). He collaborates with several chapters in the volume News Networks in Early Modern Europe (Brill, 2016), edited by Joad Raymond and Noah Moxham. She has published papers in journals such as European Review, Media History, Studies on Voltaire and Eighteenth Century (SVEC), El Profesional de la Información and others. Since 2003, she has been a researcher at Biblioteca Digital Siglo de Oro Project, and since 2012 she is director of Historia del Periodismo y las Lecturas Populares en Andalucía Research Group.


Selected publications


– Historia social de la comunicación

– Historia del periodismo universal

–  Historiografía de la comunicación y del periodismo


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