Francisco Sierra Caballero (English)


Professor of Theory of Communication. Researcher at the University Institute of Latin American Studies (IEAL), where he directs the Interdisciplinary Group of Studies inCommunication, Politics and Social Change ( Editor of the Journal of Studies for the Social Development of Communication (REDES.COM) (, he is an expert in communication policies, new technologies and citizen participation of the European Union, and has taught and Lectures as a visiting professor at prestigious universities and research centers in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and Latin America. Founder of the Spanish Association for Communication Research (AEIC), he has been Dean of the Faculty of Communication (2005-2010) and Secretary of the Department of Journalism. He is currently President of ULEPICC (


Selected publications



– Epistemología y metodología
– Teoría de la comunicación y la información
– Ciencia y sociedad: comunicación y ética de la investigación

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