Salomé Sola Morales (English)


Ph.D. in Media, Communication and Culture, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​(2012). Master in Information Sciences (UAB) and Master in Politics and Democracy, UNED. Accredited by ANECA since 2015 as an Associate Professor, she has served as Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2007-2013), the International University of Catalonia (2013), the University of Santiago de Chile (2013-2016, where She held the positions of International Research and Mobility Coordinator, and as Postdoctoral Visiting Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid (2014).

Since 2018 she is Professor at the University of Seville. Member of COMPOLÍTICAS, her reasarcher lines focuses on Communication Theories; Internet and social networks; cyberpolitics and democracy; body and identity processes. Her work has been published in international indexed journals and in prestigious publishers such as Peter Lang New York, Brill, Tirant lo Blanch or Praeger / ABC-CLIO.


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